"why not?" 하고 "scotch and soda" 밖에 필요없다!

January 22, 2006

리스마스 선물로 이책(Tete a Tete, de Beauvoir and Sartre)을 우리 어마니 한태서 받았어. 우리어머니도 그책을 읽고 어떤잡지위해서 수필(book review)을 썼어… Sartre는 영어를싫어헸어서 몇단어만 배웠어: ‘Scotch and soda?’ 하고 ‘Why not?’”… 이단어들만쓰면 잘못 할 수 없을 거예요”….

우리 어머니 수필: “On the cover blurb of Tete a Tete, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, someone declares, “I couldn’t put it down.” …I didn’t have any problem putting it down. This is not a page turner. However, I found myself picking it up right away—and then wondering why. Can you like a book about two people who are, let’s face it, not all that likeable? ……


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