The Jew Among Nations

March 27, 2007

This should be the lead headline on every paper in the civilized world: CURRENT MEETING OF UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL CONDEMNS ISRAEL EIGHT TIMES, NO OTHER NATIONS.

It’s not.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (previously Human Rights Commission, name changed this year because the Commission’s history was so disastrously shameful – really) has met again. So far, eight resolutions against Israel, with four more planned. Zero against any other country, none. It would not be an exaggeration at all if it simply changed it’s name to “United Nations Israel Watch Council/Commission/Posse”.

The following type of statement is inadmissible at the UN Human Rights Council:

UPDATE: Now watch what IS admissible, and thanked:

Beyond the Human Rights Commission, the UN has passed more resolutions against Israel than any other country, ever, and has never, ever, condemned China (recall Tibet), Syria, or Zimbabwe – and the list goes on.

Kofi Annan: “[The UN Human Rights Commission] casts a shadow on the reputation of the United Nations system as a whole.”

This sort of thing, which is common in the Muslim world, was not condemned (or I imagine even debated) by the UN Human Rights Coucil.

이 비디오 보세요

이스라일이 열덟번이나 비난당할동안에 다른 그 어느 나라의 그 어떤행위도 비난의 대상에서 제외 되었기에 다음과 같은 행위 또한 용인 된다?

Forget what you think about Israel, for a moment. In during the 61st session of the General Assembly of the UN (2006/2007), while 22 anti-Israel resolutions were passed, none, not a single resolution, was passed on Sudan’s genocide in Darfur, to take just one example. This fanatical obsession with Israel allows hundreds of thousands to be slaughtered with impunity.

In other words, while perhaps hundreds of Palestinians were killed by Israel, and while tens of thousands were killed in Darfur, Israel received 22 times the condemnations while being responsible for 1,000 times less deaths, that is, if you could multiply by zero, the amount of condemnations against Sudan (nevermind the intentions of the Israelis compared with the intentions of the murderers in Darfur, or the guilt of the dead). The computations defy the brain.

And then when you point all of this out this out, as Hillel Neuer does in this video, your tone will not be tolerated, and your comments can be taken out of the record, lest there be proof it was brought to the Council’s attention.

They call these maniacal attacks on Israel’s legitimacy “anti-Zionism” (whatever that means – and I imagine there must be definitions that make sense, I’ve just never heard one). How, when many more Palestinians are killed by Hamas and Fatah (who are never condemned by the UN), when the deaths in Darfur (no condemnations) are compared with Palestinian deaths by a multiple of tens of thousands, how can this be anything but UN sanctioned anti-semitism?

Read more here, in essays. Then tell your friends what’s happening. It really is important.


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