Jonathan Coulton

May 15, 2007

Yet another reason the Sunday New York Times is the best invention ever. 

Code Monkey get up, get coffee.
Code Monkey go to job.
Code Monkey have boring meeting
With boring manager, Rob.

Rob say “Code Monkey very diligent,
But his output stink. 
His code not functional or elegant.
What does Code Monkey think?”

Code Monkey think
“Maybe manager wanna write
goddamn log-in page himself.”
Code Monkey not say it outloud.
Code Monkey not crazy, just proud. 

Code Monkey like Fritos.
Code Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew.
Code Monkey very simple man, 
With big warm fuzzy secret heart.
Code Monkey like you.

And another reason.  One moreThis is good too.  BummerHere, here, here.   All in one day, for two bucks.  But reading it on paper at Diedrich’s in Costa Mesa beats reading it online in a smelly PC room in Kwangju


One Response to “Jonathan Coulton”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Get used to the PC room. Diedrich’s closed.

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