Where is the OC Weakly?

June 2, 2007

As UCI becomes known to prospective students as the most antisemitic, anti-Israel campus in the country (that might appeal to many), we are forced to turn to the Daily Pilot and Fox news to get information. No one should be surprised at the rise of right-wing news organizations, if others continue to ignore what’s happening.

There are bloggers, too, though. Reut Cohen has been reporting on the Muslim Student Union’s thuggish tactics, the intimidation of Israel supporters (or as they’re called on campus with anti-semitic wink-wink sneers, “Zionist Jews”), and last month’s “Holocaust Memorial Week.” This Death to Israel Love Fest featured a talk on the “American Indian Holocaust” by Ward Churchill (who called those who died on 9/11 “little Eichmanns” and who’s about, we hope, to lose his teaching gig at the University of Colorado at (where else) Boulder for being very full of shit in very many ways), a talk on “the African Holocaust”, and, lest we forget, a talk on the Jewish Holocaust by “survivor” Hedy Epstein, who apparently is almost as much of a fraud as Churchill, and who works for the anti-Israel propaganda group International Solidarity Movement.

In other words, they’re trying to define what we think of as “Holocaust” out of existence, so it becomes as mushy as apartheid, fascist, and Semite (a favorite trope: “Arabs can’t be antisemitic because they’re Semites!”) Lest we are made to misremember.

(Were all the other words for what happened to the Indians and the slaves used up? And while were redefining terms, perhaps they could have included a section on slavery called the “European Holocaust: Because the Koran said we could.” “How many know that perhaps 1.5 million Europeans and Americans were enslaved in Islamic North Africa between 1530 and 1780? We dimly recall that Miguel de Cervantes was briefly in the galleys. But what of the people of the town of Baltimore in Ireland, all carried off by “corsair” raiders in a single night?”)

I’ve been searching the OC Weekly for UCI+antisemitism or UCI+ MSU for months, wondering when they’d find time off to catch up with what is, by contrast, the Daily Pilot’s intrepid reporting (who knew?). This is what you get:

“Sorry, your search returned no results.”

Reut Cohen and a self-described former PLO terrorist on FOX

Watch Daniel Pipes get shouted down, and read UCI’s spin:

The video below is a MUST WATCH if you want to know what these campuses can become, or if you think this sounds like exaggeration (ignore the Empire Strikes Back talk at the beginning, which is not part of the original documentary. This is part one, the rest can be found at Google Video):

And count the times this guest speaker sneeringly calls “them” Zionist Jooooos, and explains the sneaky things “they” do to make Muslims look bad (they kick the videotaper out because they don’t want their nasty talk recorded):

This is in Irvine, comrades.

Meanwhile, future peace makers are graduating from kindergarten in Palestine:

“What is your path? Jihad. What is your path? Jihad. What is your most lofty aspiration? Death for the sake of Allah. What is your most lofty aspiration? Death for the sake of Allah.”


2 Responses to “Where is the OC Weakly?”

  1. Thomas Says:

    the brewery there – the steelhead – is still empty all the time and yet manages to stay in business. stellar quality beer. so not only are they all anti-semites, but they don’t know good beer even when it’s right under their anti-hooked noses.

  2. No customers, yet still open? Fishy. I’d say it’s probably that both the Steelhead and the Anteater Pub (talk about a hooked nose) are Zionist Joo conspiracies.

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