Gillian Wlech and David Rawlings

June 7, 2007

That’s how to play the guitar.  He found the neckless body of his guitar in some junk heap, tapped on it, thought it might sound amazing, put a neck on, and it does indeed sound amazing.


4 Responses to “Gillian Wlech and David Rawlings”

  1. kris Says:

    What’s your email address?

  2. andrea Says:

    this is totally randomness and i just really need your help! i saw you biked across korea and then went over to japan, well what ferry did you take your bikes on? i’m trying to find out which ferry i can get on with my bike and it’s turning out to be a lot of mixed up information….. if you could email me i would be really really really thankfull!!


  3. howtoplayalone Says:

    Hey Andrea. I didn’t take my bike to Japan, but I know that you can take them on ferries, and I thought about it.

    The thing is the ferry from Pusan to Fukuoka (and probably to Osaka as well) is overnight, while the one I took is like two hours. But no biggie if you need to take your bike.

    The name of the company might be Camilia, but I’m not sure. There is another company called Beetle. You could just go to the port and ask, if you don’t have a Korean or Japanese friend who can call for you.

    You didn’t leave your email. If you still need more info, I can probably find the name/number of the company. If you’re in Korea or Japan, you can just go to a tourist office and get them to help you (don’t let them tell you there’s no ferry; there is, and I almost took it; they’re prone to give up after two minutes).

  4. Oh, I just saw your email. I’ll mail the same thing tonight. If you’re out of the country, the stuff can be hard to plan. Don’t worry; it’s not if you’re here and you don’t need some early reservation.

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