“Our Inalienable Rights as Freeborn Albertans…

January 21, 2008

…to publish whatever the hell we want no matter what the hell you think.”

The fantastically dumb inquisitor who is literally deciding what Canadians can think vs. Ezra Levant:

This is not an abstraction.  She decides what people can read, at the very least.  This very woman decides for you, Black Dog drinkers.  And for every publisher who refuses to back down, there are hundreds of editors who don’t publish because they don’t need the head ache and can’t pay the legal bills (those who bring the hate crimes allegations don’t have to pay a dime or show up to proceedings, unlike a normal court).

In this video, Hitchens predicted exactly what is happening now to Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant when he spoke to the creation of Canada’s Human Rights Commission (do Human Rights Commissions ever achieve anything beyond farce?). If you haven’t seen the video of this lecture by Hitchens, I can’t imagine any thinking person could find a better way to spend a half hour.  Really.

Even Salon agrees. Less surprisingly so does the National Post. Mark Steyn’s own take on being accused of inciting hatred shows what a mockery the commission is.

Freeborn Albertans, count me in!


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