Yau-man: Purity

January 29, 2008

Obama says “change” so much it makes you remember the suckering they got by “accountability” back in 2000 — and he’s stinky in the morning too. Hillary’s got ambition dripping down her cheeks, and she’s probably one of those lesbians. McCain went and warned them in song, and never tried to escape either.

So, after much soul searching, I endorse Yau-man Chang.

The dude could bedroom-eyes Sayyid Qutb into an alliance and turn him into a culturally sensitive softie faster than you can say “The person who is voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council Area immediately.”

We need him, not only because of the alliances he’ll build for our great and free nation, but because ultimately there’s no challenge the Yau-man couldn’t overcome: Israel/Palestine? Please. Give the man an afternoon, a bow and arrow, some ball bearings, a bottle of WD40, and a wooden box with no hinges, key or lid, and he’ll get it done.


Is he generous and honest? Check. Does he hold a grudge? Negative. Does he care about the wretched of the earth? You bet he does. Is he a doer? Yep. A complainer? Not likely. Does he want change? You’d be wise to believe he does (but he doesn’t yap about it: Yau-man lives Change. ) Can he solve Iraq? Come on people: did he not open a box with no hinges, keys, or lid when no one else could?

The voting starts Feb 7th. It’s his world, and we just live in it. The time has come for him to lead us: rock the vote, kids.


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