The Secular Obama

November 8, 2008

Before we get carried away, let’s read our Bibles now.  Folks haven’t been reading their Bibles.

I just keep liking him more and more.


2 Responses to “The Secular Obama”

  1. Francois Says:

    This video does not exist. But the “secular Obama”? You mean the guy who said religion was a permissible reason to deny marriage equality? The same guy who beefed up Bush’s Faith-Based initiative to subsidize the bankrupt churches (empty pews and collection plates you see) to blackmail the homophobic preachers to make them shut up and sit down? You must be talking about a different Obama. Take a look at “Untangling Barack Obama’s Audacious mumbo Jumbo.” Still the best Menckenite debunking I ever saw.

  2. Francois Says:

    And btw: Love this blog. Who owns the copyright? ho is the “I” speaking?

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